Custom 3D Printed Orthotics

Custom orthotics rely on precise design and fit to give patients the best results for their foot or ankle needs. Sioux Falls Foot Specialist is now offering 3D printed orthotics thanks to Phits by Superfeet Rx.

These 3D printed custom orthotics are created using new state-of-the-art technology by HP, which captures thousands of data points that the human eye could never perceive. This data will help to determine if you would benefit from 3D printed custom orthotics.


Phits by Superfeet Rx Printed Custom Orthotics

Environmentally friendly orthotic manufacturing

  • 3D printed custom orthotics dramatically reduces production waste compared to manual manufacturing.
  • 3D foot scanner technology eliminates landfill waste from casting materials and the carbon emissions associated with shipping.
  • Non-toxic, bio-compatible 3D printing powder is recycled to optimize usage and minimize waste.

Lightweight, comfortable, and durable orthotics that fit in everyday shoes

  • 3D printed custom orthotic lattice design allows for the perfect amount of stiffness & flexibility to optimize function in each part of the foot, without the bulkiness of other orthotics on the market.
  • The lightweight, lattice design optimizes comfort for sport, work & daily activities.

True custom orthotics, not from a library of shells made off-site

  • Orders are 3D printed specifically for each patient when the order is received.

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